Paithani Sarees - 30 Beautiful and Latest Designs For Traditional Look

Paithani saree is a very popular Marathi saree. The saree is from a town named Paithani in Maharashtra. It is well known for its hand-woven silk sarees and its bright combination of colours. You can easily identify the original Paithani sarees by their characters and features. The characteristic features of these sarees are the peacock designed pallu with vibrant zari works. Kaleidoscopic design is another unique feature of this saree by weaving one coloured thread bread-wise and another coloured length-wise. Various other motifs are also available in the designer Paithani sarees. The border and pallu are the main highlights of the Paithani saris. It is also considered one of India’s richest saree, which is exported to various other countries.

History of Paithani Sarees:

In case you are wondering what makes them a popularly sought choice, here are some things you should know about Paithani saris.

  • Paithani dates back to the Satavahana Dynasty who ruled between the second century BC and the second century AD.
  • This fine silk handloom sarees get their name from the town in which they originated, Paithani, located in Aurangabad; Maharashtra flourished during the Mughals era, particularly during the rule of Aurangzeb. He used to punish Jamdani weavers for encouraging them to produce something creative and novel. Hence Paithani introduced various novelties in the appearance of the traditional Paithani.
  • When the Paithani weaving industry experienced a setback with the Industrial Revolution and with the appearance of the British rule, in the 17th century, the Peshwas took the responsibility upon themselves to promote the craft, and consequently, settled Paithani weavers in Yeola, which is now the manufacturing hub for Paithani. From then on, Paithani experienced a new life.
  • One of Paithani sarees’ specialities is while it is available in both six and nine yards, the most interesting part about the Paithani handloom is that both sides of the saree look the same. Even the border and pallu! This is a sign of a handloom Paithani.

Special Features of Paithani Sarees:

So what makes these sarees different from the other traditional handloom drapes of India? Read along to know:

  • Paithani sarees are lustrous weaves that have a lasting shine. Unlike the other silk sarees, their sheen won’t fade away with time.
  • A Genuine Paithani saree is woven with 500 gms of silk thread and 250 gms of silver or gold zari threads, making them one of the most expensive drapes that money can buy.
  • Another key feature is that when you reverse a Paithani saree, you cannot distinguish between the top and bottom sides, as they look the same.
  • These sarees mostly use natural dyes, which is why they come in limited colour choices like magenta, red, yellow, green, purple, peach etc.
  • The pallu is always brightly coloured and in a contrasting shade from the body of the saree.
  • The motifs or butis on the saree are heavily inspired by nature and include shapes like a peacock (mor), parrot (tota), flowers and vines (asavali), mango shape (Koyari), bangle and peacocks (bangadi mor) etc.

Types of Paithani Sarees:

Paithani sarees are broadly classified into two categories – Traditional and Brocade.

  • Traditional Paithani Sarees: These sarees are designed in a 28-inch pallu. They feature traditional motifs and borders that are not too complex or time-taking.
  • Brocade Paithani Sarees: These sarees have an elaborate pallu that can measure around 40 inches or more. They have big motifs typically of parrot, peacock or lotus.

Apart from this main classification, Paithani sarees come in different varieties based on the colours, weaves and motifs used.

How to Identify a Real Paithani Saree from a Fake One?

Paithani sarees are labour-intensive weaves and quite expensive too. In order to meet the high demand for these sarees, cheaper and fake versions got into the market. So, how do you know if the Paithani sari you are buying is a real or a fake one? Follow these tips listed below:

  • Firstly, examine the border of the saree. When you reverse the border, you should see the exact pattern on the upper side without any difference. The fake ones have a web of threads on the backside.
  • Genuine handloom paithani saris are manufactured in limited colours. But if you see something very different from the usual colour palette, consider it a machine-made product.
  • Real Paithani sarees are heavy and have a rich sheen. Powerloom sarees have a coarse texture with a cheap shine that won’t last long.
  • Original Paithani saris are priced on the higher side and start 8000 rupees to up to a few tens of thousands and sometimes even lakhs (if pure gold is used). Cheaper ones can start from 1000 rupees as well.

Care and Maintenance of a Paithani Saree:

When you buy a Paithani saree, remember you are not just buying a piece of cloth, but a part of our rich culture and glorious heritage. So, it’s important to take the right care of this special weave:

  • Always store your Paithani sari in a soft and clean Muslin cloth. You can use a cotton saree bag as well.
  • Do not apply any perfumes or chemicals to the saree as they can ruin its beauty.
  • Keep the saree away from naphthalene balls or closet fresheners.
  • Take the saree out once a while for some airing.
  • After every use, change the folds.
  • Don’t keep the saree in damp and wet places, as doing so can damage the colour and texture.

Traditional and Beautiful Pure Paithani Sarees With Images:

Here, top 30 Paithani saree designs with pictures illustrated with pictures that would surely attract you.

1. Marathi Paithani Silk Saree:


This yellow and blue Paithani Marathi saree is designed to impress! It is a perfect blend of traditions and modernity which appeals to all sections of women. The yellow body is accentuated with a beautiful indigo blue zari border and a rich pallu woven with peacock motifs. All you need is a simple blouse to steal the show!

  • Design: Pure Paithani Silk Saree in Yellow
  • Material: Pure Silk
  • Occasion: Weddings, Traditional Ceremonies
  • Body Type: All Body Types
  • Style Tip: Team it with an edgy blouse to get that fusion look.

2. Peacock Paithani Saree:


Here is a classic Paithani silk saree that is worthy of being a priceless family heirloom piece. The highlight of this drape is the intricately woven peacock border on both sides. Notice the detailing on the rich golden zari palla that shines bright. The wine-coloured body is adorned with simple motifs to complement the rest of the saree.

  • Design: Purple Peacock Border Paithani
  • Material: Pure Silk
  • Occasion: Weddings, Receptions
  • Body Type: All Body Types
  • Style Tip: Pair it with a simple blouse to look elegant.

3. Paithani Art Silk Saree:


If you have budget constraints and cannot afford a genuine silk Paithani saree, you can go for Art silk instead. Art silk or artificial silk is a power loom product and, as the name suggests, is not an original Paithani saree. Peacock motifs are woven in metallic gold zari threads on the border and the body. You can try this one if you dream of owning a Paithani but are on a tight budget.

  • Design: Dark Green Paithani Art Silk Saree
  • Material: Art Silk
  • Occasion: Festivals, Weddings
  • Body Type: All Body Types
  • Style Tip: Wear traditional jewellery to look perfect.

4. Designer Paithani Floral Saree:


Treat your eyes to this stunner of a saree! The violet and orange zari paithani saree is designed for women who are Queens in their own way. The body features a simple Buti design, while the border and pallu look luxurious with an intricate peacock and flower woven design. The rich zari can definitely set you apart from the crowd and earn you tons of compliments.

  • Design: Violet Zari Woven Paithani Silk Saree
  • Material: Pure Silk
  • Occasion: Weddings, Receptions
  • Body Type: All Body Types
  • Style Tip: Pair it with statement gold jewellery to look resplendent.

5. Brocade Paithani Sarees:


Although not a ‘real’ Paithani saree, brocade Paithanis are equally popular for their rich look. They are usually preferred by middle-aged women who wish to try something different in the Paithanisegment. Seen here is this orange and gold woven saree that adds a luxurious touch to your look. It comes with an attached blouse piece with plain body and gold borders.

  • Design: Rust Red & Golden Jacquard Woven Design Paithani Saree
  • Material: Jacquard
  • Occasion: Weddings, Receptions
  • Body Type: All Body Types
  • Style Tip: Go for a bun hairstyle decorated with a gajra.

6. Red Coloured Flower Design Paithani Saree:

This red saree has golden zari work polka dots all over the saree. The border and pallu have violet and pink flower designs. The border of this saree is quite broader that makes it look gorgeous with zari works. This traditional Paithani silk has a shiny texture that makes this piece of saree attractive.

7. Green Paithani Saree With Golden Designed Border:

This new Paithani saree has a light green coloured effect that is contrasted with multi-coloured borders. It has an appreciating outlook. Golden motifs are done over the green portion of the saree. Handwoven peacock designed border and pallu is the main attraction. The speciality of this saree is the gorgeous pallu and borders. To have a contrasting look, pair this saree with a red coloured blouse.

8. Blue Saree With Red And Golden Border:

In this Paithani silk saree, the main work is seen on the pallu section. The red and golden zari striped border runs all over this piece of saree. Particular traditional styled motifs are done all over the vibrant blue portion. The pallu is mainly a golden threaded portion with different threaded floral designs.

9. Handloom Paithani Saree:

A shaded purple saree with golden works looks beautiful. This purple handloom saree has golden polka dots on it. The border and the pallu are designed differently with red and green Meena works. These fine Meena works are handwoven designs and have a traditional look. This is one of the best silk Paithani saris.

10. Off-White Printed Paithani Art Silk Sari:

This off-white Paithani art silk saree has a textured body with magnificent pallu. A simple golden border with sleek red lining on both sides of the border runs along with this off-white saree. Violet and green designs on the pallu seem very eye-catchy. This can be worn on traditional or religious occasions.

11. Sky Blue Colored Heavy Pallu Paithani Saree:

This latest Paithani saree is sky blue, one that is blended with a silky texture. You look gorgeous even in this lightly shaded saree. Wide zari borders are quite highlighted and the lower section of the pallu has the same designed multicoloured works. In spite of this, the blue body of the saree has golden dots throughout the saree.

12. Pire Paithani Saree:

Self patchworks are seen in this rani, dark shade of pink coloured silk saree. It is combined with plain golden borders. The pallu is contrasted with a golden base, and on it, peacock designs are being done. Modern style is being combined with traditional Paithani saree looks elegant. This designer saree can be worn at reception parties.

13. Dark Blue Silk Saree With Meena Booties And Peacock Style:

This Paithani saree has Meena booties on the blue bodied portions. This dark shaded blue is combined with golden and red, which have a reflecting look. Pallu has circular and peacock designs done alternatively. The enriching golden coloured pallu seems exclusive with green mainly.

14. Mustard Yellow Paithani Silk Saree:

Mustard yellow coloured Paithani sari has looks beautiful with an orange border. Both the yellow and orange colours are quite bright, and zari works also enhance this outlook. Yellow sections have golden motif designs, and the orange pallu has multi a coloured peacock design with golden stripes. The golden zari strips also run along the orange border.

15. Traditional White Paithani Saree With Orange Border:

This traditional white saree has an orange designer pallu. It also has orange borders with zari works. The zari works along the border and over the pallu is very eye-catchy. You will surely like this unique designed saree. Nowadays, white sarees are preferred by aged women, but the present generation ladies also chose this combination.

16. Yellow Coloured With Green Border Paithani Saree:

The green and yellow saree look gorgeous with the colour combination. Even though it’s designed Paithani silk sari, the silky texture along with contrasting colours make this saree look elegant. Pallu consists of peacock styled designs with zari works, and the border is golden green-designed.

17. Lustrous Pink Paithani Saree:

This silk saree has a lustrous pink effect with uniquely designed pallu. This colour perfectly goes with ladies having a fair complexion. The pallu has a kaleidoscopic effect with multicolour. Borders have peacock designs with different colours and also with zari works. Try out this latest from the Paithani sari collection.

18. Black and White Peshwai Paithani Sari:

Check white and black design is seen all over in this peshwai Paithani saree. The check designs are mixed differently with this Paithani silk. The green border runs along with the saree with golden zari works. The pallu also consists of a green portion with golden designed works. This latest Paithani sari design is classy and imparts a traditional touch.

19. Designer Paithani Sari With Blue Border:

The vibrant colours of the saree are tomato, red and blue. Both these magnificent colours look attractive with this combination in this piece of Paithani sari. Golden motifs are being done all over the red portion, and the blue pallu has shimmering golden works. This saree look elegant, and you can pair this up with a shimmering golden coloured blouse.

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20. Green Paithani Silk Sari With Orange Peacock Border:

The dark green Paithani Silk Saree has small golden dots that enhance this dark shaded saree. Fine golden works are being done on the orange borders. The shiny golden pallu has block designs in the same colour combinations. This geometric pattern all over the saree looks perfect in you. A green blouse with golden motifs will complete the outlook.

21. Black Coloured Paithani Saree With Golden Border:

Black is always the preferred choice. This saree has a contrasting colour effect with golden and orange contrasting colours. Orange borders with fine zari works have a shiny outlook. Polka dots are all over the black saree except the pallu. Pallu having a different style of designs makes you look attractive in this black Paithani sari.

22. Violet Paithani Silk Saree With Orange Designer Border:

Violet Paithani silk sari has small dots throughout the body of this saree. Orange and golden thread are being weaved simultaneously give the saree a shiny look. The fine-textured Paithani saree has a vibrant outlook. The pallu is orange coloured within this designer zari works done.

23. Rich Blue Paithani Sari With Parrot Green Border:

This semi Paithani saree has a highlighted combination. The parrot green border and pallu section is being combined with this rich blue Paithani silk. This saree has a golden motif, and the borders are being designed. The green pallu has different shaded green and blue works. This is one of the best Paithani saris.

24. Bright Red Peacock Border Art Silk Paithani Saree:

This art silk saree looks magnificent with red coloured effect. This magnificent red colour suits all, and this wedding saree has a heavily designed pallu. Peacock styled designs are done along the lower half of the pallu. The borders are also designed in the same manner, mainly in green and golden colours.

25. Turquoise Silk Zari Border Hand-Woven Paithani Saree:

This turquoise Paithani silk sari has an eye-soothing effect. The borders and pallu are designed differently. Golden yellow dots are over the turquoise part. The border has a kaleidoscopic effect of blue and golden, which is depicted. The pallu is made contrasting with the golden effect, and on it, multi-coloured peacock styles are being done.

26. Green And Dark-Red Pure Paithani Handloom Silk Sari:

This handloom saree is darkly shaded has a kaleidoscopic effect throughout this Paithani silk. This dark shaded green also has a reddish effect as two different threads are weaved together. Golden motifs are done all over the saree. The red pallu has a temple design over the plain border and also has peacock designs.

27. White And Red Paithani Handloom Silk Saree With Self Design:

A combination of red and white has a traditional touch in it. This red-white combined paithani silk handloom sari looks very elegant. Most of the saree is left plain and simple except the border and the pallu. Fine works are being done over the pallu and borders. This is one of the best paithani sarees.

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28. Trendy Pink Paithani Sari With Black And Zari Border:

Pink is being combined with black, which makes you look fashionable. This trendy pink saree has a lustrous effect. A black and golden coloured border has traditional patterned designs. The lower portion has golden and black alternating sections that have a magnificent outlook. You can choose to wear a black designer blouse with this saree.

29. Bluish Green Paithani Saree With Zari Border:

The kaleidoscopic effect of this saree looks awesome and vibrant. The shiny texture, along with the bluish-green kaleidoscopic effect, enhances the brightness of this paithani saree. The light falling on this saree gets reflected in different directions resulting in different coloured hues. Magnificent orange pallu and borders are very eye-catchy. This is one of the best paithani sarees.

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30. Purple-Olive Paithani Silk Sari With Zari Border:

This dark purple effect of this saree is compensated with the violet and pink borders. Zari works along the borders highlights your saree. Pallu has the same designed works along the lower portions. This paithani saree design looks gracious and is bright.

Simple or heavy designed paithani saris are available in the market. These paithani silk handwoven sarees makes you look gorgeous with their zari borders and heavily designed pallu. The speciality of these paithani sarees is designed pallu with a kaleidoscopic effect.

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