I bought my first car when I was 19.(A Toyota Corolla) Of course it was a used car! I was a poor student at that time! Since then I have bought another 3 cars. Two of which were used cars.The most recent one was a brand new Toyota Rush. ( I am stepping up in the world!) In that time, I have come to learn some practical things which might help you answer the the question of “How do I buy my first car?”

How do I buy my first car? – Here are 7 tips for you

  • 1. Have a budget. If you don’t have enough money, find out if you can get financing from your bank and NOT through the car dealership. (they have a sneaky way of packing in the bucks!)
  • 2. Shop around and take your time. The minute you are in a rush, you will overlook some small detail which might result in your spend more than you expected. Salesmen have a way of stacking the numbers to hide the true deal.
  • 3. Make sure you can test drive the car.
  • 4. Check the records of that car. Has it been in any type of accident? Carefully look over the body of the car. If you notice some paint job or welding marks, inquire about them and let that be a little red flag.
  • 5. Stick with your budget. Don’t be pressured into taking a lease just to get the car you want. Know first how leases are calculated. Sometimes they are a good option but it depends how they work.
  • 6. Never buy the car on the same day you find it.
  • 7. Look for cars that were test models or rent a cars, but follow the above advice if you are thinking to buy it.
  • And whatever you do, know that the car salesperson is going to want to make the most money off you that he can.They will attempt to take advantage of your naivety if they pick up that this is the first time you are buying a car so don’t ever ask the question of “How do I buy my first ca?” Do you want to know what questions you should and shouldn’t ask, how to negotiate a deal, how to get the best financing and many more tips? The best advice I can give is to learn from a used car buyer guide. Learn all you can before stepping onto that car lot and basically watch out!


    Source by G Stokes